Good evening, purpose seekers

I wonder many things quite often. Sometimes, these anxious thoughts build up into full blown anxiety episodes. My mind will tell me there’s something wrong, even when there’s nothing wrong at all.  I find great value in sharing my optimism with others, because I really do believe in embracing and savoring the positive. Even so, there have been many moments of fear, worry, doubt, and very low self-esteem in my life. There have been many times in which I have been my own worst enemy. In the past, my thoughts have kept me stuck from the smallest of challenges.

For example, there have literally been times in which I’m in the parking lot somewhere. I’m there for a reason, but there are so many people. People are everywhere and there are no close parking spaces. So what do I do? I talk myself out of going because I feel unpleasant. My unpleasant thoughts and emotions are extremely high and I am paralyzed in those very moments. Afterwards, I feel stupid, crazy, angry, and very sad. In the past, I allowed those unpleasant emotions control my entire day, my entire week, and entire months of my life. Not because of one incident, but because of incidents and triggers that added up overtime. I didn’t want someone telling me there was something wrong with me because I already told myself all the things that were wrong with me already. I wanted real solutions, and ways in which I could heal. Ways in which I could serve others who are fully ready to release some of that control, some of those unrealistic expectations and self-judgments that keep so many, stuck in their head.

For those who know my journey thus far, I am grateful for your support. It’s difficult to be open and my thoughts still get in my way at times. Rather then being anxious, I’m actually very excited to do what I’m doing. This is what gives me purpose. I’m still learning and I’ll be working on myself until the day I die. The shifts I have experienced have been life changing, and each moment is a new learning opportunity. My healing is a continued process and a fun one at that. I’m living my purpose each day and wish the same for you. Enjoy.

Three signs you’re on path to living your purpose

#1 You take care of yourself

You nourish your mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis. If you’re tired and unhealthy, you’re mentally unable to connect to your life purpose, which is deep within. You must be willing to look inside your own mind to see what you need and want in your life. Personal growth comes from working on yourself daily and you find great joy in this learning process.

#2 You keep bouncing back

After the first dose of enthusiasm starts to go away, the challenges pop up. You sometimes see all the reasons why you can’t live each day with purpose, but your mindset continues to shift as you develop more resilience. Resilience is a muscle you can build, and you realize that everything begins with your mindset. No matter where you are, or what you do, there are daily challenges in which you face. You’re not about to dwell on them because that drains your mental energy. You already have limited time, and you’re not about to let problems occupy the majority of it.

#3 You’re more present and connected to those around you

Those who cross your path, are supposed to cross your path. You’re supposed to be exactly where you are in this moment. When you mentally connect to your daily purpose, you feel more present. You’re able to find meaning in everything that you do. You use your strengths, you show appreciation, and you savor the little moments of joy.


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