Embracing me: A 6-week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Are you feeling distracted, stressed, or as if you need more time for yourself?

Have you been wanting to implement meditation into your daily life but feel as though you’re too busy or as if you have a difficult time training your wandering mind?

Yet, you desire to slow down more, and to cultivate inner awareness, balance, and calm.

Embracing you is the first step towards greater awareness and ease and I invite you to join me for this 6-week exploration into the secular practice of mindfulness meditation where we discover how important it is to befriend and welcome all that is.

You will learn how to integrate a regular practice of mindfulness meditation into your daily life and bring awareness to new ways of embracing you. 

Each class will consist of a theme, guided meditation practice, open discussion, and an audio meditation for you to practice at home. No prior meditation experience is required, come as you are. My only request is that you come with an open mind and open heart.

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Mind calming workshops:

For youth, adults, educators, health care workers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

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