If you’re anything like me, you notice your wandering mind throughout the day. You’re very curious, you love to try new things, and you’re very excited to meet new people. You tell yourself all these fabulous ideas, and you even write them down. You’re very confident, and feel as though you have so much potential. The motivation is there, and yet, there’s is still something holding you back. You realize that you’re not always present in the moment, and become discouraged when you feel uncomfortable.

Your mind feeds you with fear, and stories of why you’re not enough. You start to tell yourself all the things that could go wrong and why others aren’t going to understand what you’re even talking about. You watch as your anxiety increases, the triggers start to appear, and you feel lost. You feel as though you don’t have the right support, the support that has your best interest at heart, and you watch as your optimism dries up.

Old habits start to appear, and you watch them occur right in front of you. You start to hear the problems more frequently, and there’s no one to focus on solutions with. Mainly due to being stuck in your head, and you know it’s happening, and you observe it all happening. You see yourself doing and saying things that you swore you would never do again. You see yourself becoming isolated, sinking within yourself, and keeping it all bottled in. As if there were other options available, anyways.

It’s all a mind game, and our thoughts can seem very true, can’t they? Being able to step back from our thoughts give us a great advantage. It allows us to see things differently. To notice our patterns, to accept how things are, and to realize what’s true and what’s untrue. If you tell yourself something is wrong with you, and if other’s have told you there is something wrong with you, that belief may be very deep. It may have already been there for years.

Everything starts with our thoughts, and what we believe to be true. Whatever we tell ourselves is our current reality. It’s how we’re feeling, and how we’re thinking. Whatever it is that you believe you can’t do, challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to become more curious about your own mind and what it’s telling you in each moment.

Is it time to unleash the inner blockages holding you back in your life?

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Sarah Fast – Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Speaker


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