Experience, Experience, Experience

Personally and professionally I want you to think about your experience. The things you’ve felt, the people you’ve met, the traveling you’ve done. Now, simply ask yourself, “would I change anything.” What would you change if you could relive the past? I’m not here to coach you on past troubles but rather to make you remember the positive experiences. Maybe you used to worry a lot like me or maybe you allowed your emotions to get the best of you. Maybe you allowed your fears rather than your passions control you and guilt fills your mind of lost time.

These are the feelings I’m learning how to embrace right now as I write this. I wasn’t able to embrace my high school or college experience due to being stuck in my own head the majority of the time. Things were always so busy in my mind and I found myself focusing on the negative in most situations.

Now, this doesn’t mean for a second that I wasn’t experiencing life to the fullest, because I was. Honestly, I have experienced so much already at 28 years old that I’m truly grateful for. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world for fun and I know these experiences are what have helped to expand my perspective on what matters most in life. Connection and being present. I just didn’t see the benefit of my experiences until my own mindset shift.

See, I was very hard on myself for not embracing the learning experience during high school and college but what I forget to mention is that I traveled to 11 countries and 22 states during this time of my life. I also had one hell of a great time embracing all the fun I could get myself into. I had 20 jobs by the time I was 24 but some of these connections have benefited me into Entrepreneurship. There was SO much good in my experiences, but why didn’t I remember or focus on them until more recently?

It’s a great question but I believe the answer is that I didn’t understand the importance of my own inner voice. I didn’t understand that our minds are preconditioned to tell us what’s going wrong or what we’re doing wrong. All of the positive experiences and memories are now flashing back. I remember how much fun I was having in school and how I didn’t care to be top of my class. It wasn’t a priority to me, embracing parties and fun was.

I’m not saying there is any right way to experience anything, at all. My message is simple. Every moment is teaching us something whether or not we want to focus on the positive or the negative. Once our minds focus on the negative for too long, we develop more problems in our life. We not only face mental and emotional pain more frequently but we’re not able to focus on our goals on a growth mindset level. Instead, we’re focusing on why we can’t achieve things and we blame our past or current circumstances for why we can’t experience more.

It’s all about how we think about our own experience. This is what matters most. We can choose to remember a positive past even when we’ve made tons of mistakes. You think before I became an Entrepreneur that I had a long list of references? Hell no. Actually, I was too terrified of asking for references because deep down I knew that I wasn’t focused on work during this time in my life. It’s kind of funny how our mind works sometimes. It’s almost as though I had to prove to others that I was valuable before even believing it myself. This is why I couldn’t grow, because I didn’t love who I was.

It’s still a battle at times. I find myself pushing myself more and more. Sometimes when I don’t meet my own expectations, I get stuck in negative thoughts. However, I just take a step back to focus on reality and what all I’m doing and what all I can do right now. I know that striving can be troublesome because it’s something we can’t really measure. We tell ourselves once _______ happens, we’ll _____________. Then it happens, and we set another goal.

It’s all about how we look at it though. We can set goals while letting go of the end result. If we find any positive benefit in our experience, we’re successful in my opinion. We don’t need to always be doing something to be valuable, we can take breaks. I feel like that’s something I’m still working on myself as I embrace my own experience without judgment. It can be a very difficult process but it’s why I am doing what I’m doing. We coach and teach what we need the most, so I’ve heard.

Our inner voice loves to lie and loves to tell us we can’t reach our fullest potential. We think about all the effort we need to put into our goals and when challenges pop up, we tell ourselves untrue things and most times, we see failure in the mirror. We lose our confidence, we gain weight, we eat shitty food, and we distract ourselves in anyway possible.

I’m here to tell you first hand that you can’t hide from how you truly feel. No matter where you are, it will always pop back up. I’m here to support you to embrace all your thoughts and emotions as learning opportunities. I’m here to tell you that you can rewire and train your mind to flourish and to feel more confident about your abilities. You can charge what you’re worth, you can find the right people to support you, and you can attract better opportunities into your life. Just by raising your own frequency.

Not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. If you’re worth it, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll stay stuck. It’s all about how we look at our own experience.

Right now, right here, in this moment.

Thanks for reading!!!

Sending you love and light,

Sarah Fast – Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker

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