Online Flourishing Program

Live the life you want regardless of peer pressure or outside influence. Feel more alive, awake, calm, and present. The Flourishing program will support you through mindfulness and coaching techniques all in one amazing program. Look within to observe your inner most critic, ground yourself with concrete commitments, and realize with authentic action during this 8 week program.
This program is all about releasing some of that control that keeps you in doing mode all of the time. It’s about being more present to what’s already here, it’s about being here right now. Even when you’re challenged to see what’s great in the present, discover what you’ve been missing all along. 

The Flourishing program will support you in becoming more aware of your emotional triggers, unrealistic expectations, and self-judgments. It will challenge you to embrace the uncomfortable but never in the realm of too much. It will give you specific coaching tools to implement that will support you in creating your own plan of action. One that allows the freedom and space to practice non-doing and non-striving. 

Mindfulness Meditation is a big part of this program, and daily practice is a required portion of the program. Even if it’s just 10 minutes per day, you must make a commitment to practice every single day. You’ll receive audio guided meditations throughout the program to help keep you on track. 



Group option – Next start date – Monday, December 4th. 

What’s included:   

Welcoming gift

Weekly assignment, theme and challenge

Biweekly video accountability call and guided practice – Every other Monday night from 8:30 – 9:15 pm Central Time

Two personal online coaching sessions – 45 minutes each

Relationship building, encouragement, and support within the group

Four 20 minute guided meditations

Self-study – Complete on your own

What’s included:   

Weekly assignment, theme and challenge emailed straight to your inbox every Monday morning

One personal online coaching session – 60 minutes 

Four 20 minute guided meditations