What does auto-pilot mean to you?

Do you notice when you’re “zoning” out or when you’re doing the same task over and over while not feeling anything special at all?

Is your career what others wanted you to do or what you truly enjoy doing?

Have you ever taken time out of your life to explore yourself on a deeper level?

We all have many tasks that we do on a daily basis. Most of which are very ordinary tasks such as brushing our teeth, making breakfast, drinking coffee, taking a shower, completing paperwork, and letting the dogs out. Our bodies may be going through the same motions day in and day out but our minds may be far away in la la land. Our minds may be telling us “this is boring” or “I really have to do ______” and before we know it, we have completed the entire task without realizing we weren’t present during it. We didn’t cultivate a beginner’s mind because we didn’t want to complete the task in the first place. We pushed away the present moment to get to better, more “exciting” moments. When we’re constantly doing this over a period of time, we may discover that the better moments are rushed too.

Moment to moment awareness is key. What is the relationship between your mind and body? How present are you feeling right now? Are you here fully?

Begin to cultivate a beginner’s mind by reflecting on the following:  

How can I spark up positive emotions in my body by making breakfast?

Can I make a game out of my ordinary work tasks ?

How can I load the dishwasher differently next time?

What are some alternative routes that I can take to and from work each day?

Practice cultivating awareness to everything that you do. Start gradually and carefully. Most importantly, release judgment and all expectations. You may still feel bored and frustrated that you’re not doing it right. You may still dislike laundry and paperwork. But digging to the deeper relationship that you have with these tasks is what it’s all about.

What can you discover about yourself when you cultivate a beginner’s mind to all tasks? So much. That may be the scariest part for most people. The most ordinary tasks are the mirror into our own minds. Looking within is always the answer. No one feels quite like you in this moment and no one has experienced life just like you. Opening to the idea of what it would feel like to experience everything as if it was the first time. Feeling what it feels like to be off auto-pilot even during the most ordinary tasks of the day. What does that look like to you right now in this moment? Write down what this looks like and what you’re committed to giving a try today.

Thank you for reading and I greatly appreciate your feedback. What do you want to learn about? How can I best support you?

Much light and love,

Sarah Fast – Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker

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