This statement sounds easier than it is, that’s for sure. I want you to think about what all you did this morning.

What time did you get up?

Did you hit the snooze button?

Did you work on yourself first?

Did you negatively react in any moment?

Did you watch your inner voice carefully?

Did you pay attention to your emotions?

It was not a productive morning for me at all, not going to lie. It’s Sunday and we were up late last night hanging around the fire with some friends. However, I had a pet visit this morning at 8am so my alarm was set for 7:30am. This is sleeping in for me, so I’ll take it! It was a crisp morning and I knew that it wasn’t going to be a very productive day, but I didn’t let it get to me. I actually listened to my audible book, the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins on the way to my visit. She was talking about mornings and creating a routine that starts with us. Our thoughts and emotions are higher quality when we’re focusing on what we want and need first.

This also means that sometimes we must get up an hour earlier than normal. Each time we hit the “snooze” button, it has a negative reaction on our brain and productivity for the day. It takes our brains 4 hours to recover from the snooze button which is also known as “sleep inertia.” This morning, I had my alarm set for 7:30am but I reset the damn alarm to 7:45am because I can just roll out of bed for pet visits. It hadn’t dawned on me what I was doing was going to impact my productivity and emotions this morning when I did it. So what happened?

I closed my eyes and it’s like my mind automatically knew that what I was doing was not good for me. I relaxed my eyes and meditated on my breath for another five minutes and slowly got out of bed at 7:40. The fresh air woke me up as well as my personal development book. Listening to it makes me a better person for all of you. This morning still hasn’t been that productive other than this blog post.

Sometimes we’re very hard on ourselves, can you agree? My thoughts were becoming negative before my meditation. Just focusing on what I could be doing to grow my businesses and what I could be doing to find more support. I shove my mind with worry, doubt, and fear at times still and supporting others on their journey has become a deep passion of mine.

It hasn’t been easy though, because business isn’t easy. It’s very challenging and requires some serious control over your thoughts and emotions. As I started my journey, I’ve gone through several mental and emotional changes, breakthroughs in my thinking. It’s interesting what you can learn about yourself when you’re committed to yourself.

My family is very important to me and the reason why I’m also doing what I’m doing. Not only do I want to create a better life for myself, I want to create a better life for them. I want to have the power to let my husband stay home and to take a break for awhile as he’s supported me through Entrepreneurship. It’s been very difficult and all I’ve ever wanted out of all of this was to stand on my own two feet.

I don’t like the feeling of dependence and I don’t like the feeling of not being in control of my own life. I didn’t understand what Entrepreneurship was when I started my pet business back in March of 2014. I wasn’t in control of my thoughts and emotions back then and it was because of my Anxiety that I started it all in the first place.

Now, I connect to others on a deeper level because it helps me significantly. I practice Mindfulness Meditation and I create space to work on my education, my goals, and my emotions. These are three things that we all need to be getting better at. We need to figure out what it is that we want most and we need to create a plan to get there. We need to celebrate small successes, be open with ourselves, and take control of our inner voice. We need to be more kind and we need to simply listen to what people are struggling with.

Even if you’re not ready now, I hope you’ll do whatever it takes to feel and embrace inner calm. It won’t happen all of the time but when it does happen, savor it. Savor all meaningful moments and good conversations in your mind for 2-3 minutes. This will help you during challenging days. This will help you bounce back faster when you find negative thoughts increasing. It will change your life if your focused on taking control of your thoughts and emotions.

What will you do to feel in control of your life?

Happy Sunday,

Sarah Fast – Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker

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