We all have wandering and worrying thoughts. Sometimes, our inner voice can truly control the way we think about ourselves, others, our community, and the world at large. We can think out of survival mode or we can use our inner voice to our advantage to create a better life for ourselves and our families. Our inner voice is there for a reason, to teach us things. It also plays tons of tricks on us! It tells us we’re in danger at times when nothing bad is happening. It loves to focus on the negative, and all the things we’re supposed to be doing that we’re not already doing. Many times, it keeps us stuck from realizing our fullest potential, so many of us get turned onto autopilot and remain comfortable around the “known” factors in our life.

Think about it for a minute. Please answer the following questions in your journal. Let this be a day of awakening for you.

1. Do you feel completely awake and alive every single day?

2. Do you pay a deep attention to your inner voice and when you’re reacting to small situations frequently?

3. Do you allow external circumstances affect the way you experience daily life?

4. Do you find yourself focusing on what’s going wrong or what other’s are doing wrong?

5. Do you stick to your goals all the way through or do you get discouraged easily?

This isn’t to make you feel any sort of way other than to increase awareness of how you’re experiencing your own life. It’s about being more curious about your thoughts, habits, and behaviors. It’s about realizing that there is greatness within you and that it’s time to connect to that deep inner part of yourself so that you can be more present, calm, and focused on YOUR goals!

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Why should you start paying a deeper attention to your own inner voice?

#1. Lowered expectations – Not only of yourself but of others. Those closest to you. When our inner voice is controlling us, we most likely have unrealistic expectations of how things need to be for us to be fulfilled completely. We look around at others to blame for the things we feel on the inside. We focus on what will give us pleasure in a moment rather than committing to long-term gratification that only occurs when we put a whole lot of effort into what it is that we want and need. When we start to pay a deeper attention to how amazing things are already, we start to see things in different perspectives. We focus on what we’re doing right and what other’s are doing right. We ask what others need and we are happy to help because our minds are focused on solutions, not problems.

#2. Decreased anxiety and depression symptoms – Once we start to pay a deeper attention to our inner voice, we can catch the repetitive thoughts that don’t serve us. We can change our own thinking patterns with practice, patience, and support. We increase awareness of the habits and behaviors that create destructive thoughts and we face them head on. Once we start to have a better relationship with our own negative thoughts, they automatically decrease. We don’t wallow in them like we used to and we’re able to let them go much more frequently. We’re aware of our own emotional triggers and why they make us react. Once we decrease the times we react to situations outside our control, negative thoughts are more exciting than frightening. Embracing them is key.

#3. Better and deeper relationships – Relationships with those you want to surround yourself with. Thinking about who inspires and uplifts you. Who do you want to work with and what types of people do you want to serve? Always focusing on finding those who align with your goals and dreams. We can sometimes waste a lot of time and energy on developing a relationship with those who aren’t giving the same effort back. When we connect to the inner part of ourselves, we start to realize who’s with us and who’s not. We’re okay with it and we focus on those who support us. We create time out of our schedule to develop deeper relationships with those people which helps us on our journey too. Relationship building is the key to authentic happiness. Make sure the relationship is inspiring. Focus on solutions, develop opportunities, and be authentic.

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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