If you haven’t heard about the power of practicing Mindfulness, it’s time to give it a try. The short-term and long-term benefits are being discovered on a daily basis and programs are happening all over the world. It’s a practice that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort or time, if you can let go of judging your own mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is helping people get off of prescription medication, decreasing pain among cancer patients, supporting those who have lost loved ones, boosting immune systems, and much much more!

If you’re anything like me, you feel strange when you’re not doing anything. You feel as though you must be doing something and find yourself feeling rushed to get things done. There will still be times when my Anxiety is increasing due to my own wandering thoughts focused on what I’m doing wrong. The practice of mindfulness has supported me in catching many of my triggers before I react, it’s helped me be more kind to myself and less judgmental towards others, and it’s quieted down my mind to the point where I no longer need my Anxiety medication anymore. I’ve lost 30 pounds, I’ve had much fewer sicknesses, I’ve been less emotionally reactive, I’ve been able to savor more of the good, and I’ve been sleeping better than ever before.

Here are three reasons why you should give mindfulness a try for your own personal and professional benefit.

1. Mindfulness is good for your mental health

So many of the things we spend time on involve planning for the future, or attempting to stave off negative effects we think the future might bring: working hard to save money, eating as healthfully as possible, exercising whenever we find time to do so.  Goals are important, don’t get me wrong. However, do you ever notice yourself attached to a imagined future state? These expectations can make the present seem like a petty inconvenience that must be shouldered past in order to get to where we’re really going. In the practice of mindfulness, on the other hand, action and goal become so closely aligned as to occur simultaneously.  Once mindfulness is learned, it acts not only as something that takes place in the here and now, but something that has immediate effects on the here and now. Moreover, it can realign your attitude toward those things you thought you were doing for “future you” (earning wisely, eating well, exercising), so that the process, taking place here and now in the present tense, feels as meaningful as the imagined goal.

2. Mindfulness is good for everyone around you

When you’re caught up in a loop of negative feelings, you might find yourself having increased internal and external reactions to ordinary circumstances. Let’s put it another way. When your mind is feeding on the big mac of negative feelings, what’s most likely to result are gaseous expulsions that will result in suffering for yourself and everyone around you (especially in vehicles and meeting rooms). Mindful awareness helps you recognize that, while you might not be able to take back the big mac, you can at least control when and where you unleash its awful payload.

3. Mindfulness is good for those you don’t even know yet

One of the most positive things about being human is that we have the capacity to feel the pain of others, but can greatly benefit from feeling their joy. That’s no small thing. The kind words you’re able to share because you’re not being distracted by disagreeable thought patterns will rebound, and accumulate strength as it spreads throughout your community and the world.

Are you ready to get started?!?!?!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and would love to have you join me on Monday, July 17th for a free Mindfulness training!!! I would be grateful to work with you and to learn more about you. All you need to do is say yes and to enroll by clicking on the link below.


Wear comfortable clothing and be in a space where you can lay down and where you’ll have decreased distractions.

If you know someone who would enjoy this content, feel free to share! I appreciate your feedback and hope you have a present evening ahead.

With love,

Sarah Fast – Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker


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