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I support others to find their inner motivation, daily calm, confidence, and clarity. Discover a new experience as you observe your own mind with more acceptance, kindness, and love. We’ll create an individualized plan that will combine Life Coaching and Mindfulness Meditation which will increase your potential while grounding yourself with realistic expectations. Ease up on yourself and feel more present by giving my services a try. 

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Sending you love and light

Sarah Fast 

In Person Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Starting December, 1st I’ll be offering group sessions at the Dance Company of Minot every Friday from 7:30-8:30pm. I encourage you to start with a full eight sessions and to release all expectations of what meditation may do for you. Bring a yoga mat, meditation cushion OR blanket as you’ll need something to sit and lay on comfortably. You’ll receive challenges each week at the end of class, an audio meditation to practice on off days, and tons of support to implement your own meditation practice. 

The goal of meditation is not to quiet your mind as it’s natural for the mind the wander. Rather, it’s goal is to be more aware of all thoughts and emotions as they occur with acceptance, non-judgment, and kindness. Mindfulness Meditation is not practiced to stop thoughts, to force positive thinking, or to relax. Each person is different and each person has unique results. This class will be all meditation based with some stretching and balancing movements in between. Come curious.

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Mindfulness Meditation


Life coach to Melissa. Not an easy task. Over 40; been in leadership for 20+ years, many life changes. Chasing dreams with no resolve. I met Sarah through a Facebook networking group we were both participating in. I became open to listening, but was scared. I inquired about her and her practice and received feedback that she was newer to her practice but I should try. Enter “out of my comfort zone.” I called Sarah just to talk and see her thoughts on what she could do for me. Although I was extremely hesitant, I signed up. I gave it everything I had. Within two a week, I had an interview for a Business Relationship Manager and was offered a position as Sr Director of Client Relations nearly doubling my salary. I didn’t get this position because of Sarah. I got it because she helped me release the inner blockage that I was using to hold myself back. Sabotage. I encourage everyone to talk with Sarah, see what she has to offer and most importantly, see how you can spread your wings and soar. 

Melissa A. Simanek – Wahoo, NE

I enrolled in Sarah’s Flourishing program after having met her in another online group and having had a subsequent introductory phone conversation with her. It is obvious that Sarah believes fully in the power of mindful meditation and how it can help anyone become happier, less stressed and far more aware and focused. Sarah provided our group with great meditations and personal homework that both challenged and focused me. Not only was Sarah very available and supportive throughout the several weeks of the course, which included two one-on-one coaching calls, she also participated in the course activities and shared her work with our group. It was a pleasure to participate in a group whose facilitator truly believes in and practices what she teaches and who cares very much about the experience of her participants. My second one on one coaching call with Sarah was especially helpful, in that I was caught in a very negative mindset regarding emotionally charged subject matter and I could not help myself get proper perspective. Sarah’s patience and gentle coaching helped me work my way over a major hurdle. I think her business is very aptly named! Thanks Sarah!

Lisa Hatlestad – Mentor, MN

Working with Sarah has shown me strategies to look at things more in a positive way, even when times are tough. I have been shown ways to relax and to be more present in the moment. My journey is long from over but I am making progress and enjoy my time with Sarah. My meetings with her have been some of the high points of my week.

Tina Lynnes – Minot, ND

Sarah has been such and inspiration to me! She has taught me so many things along the way. I am so glad I took the chance and reached out to her. She has been working so hard and is so dedicated to bringing awareness about mental health to our community. Thank you for everything you do and for being YOU!

Melissa Koppang – Minot, ND

The Flourishing Program Sarah put on helped me to refocus on what is important to me in my life and gave me the tools to help put the grind of our daily lives in a positive perspective.

Carla Newgard – Minot, ND

Fast Positivity was a terrific addition to my personal growth! Sarah Fast is passionate about her personal development which makes her an excellent Coach for others looking for lasting lifestyle change. I recommend her coaching to anyone!

Brett Lloyd – Valley City, ND

Fast Positivity has helped me in many different ways as I’ve struggled with anxiety . I’m so thankful everything that Sarah has done for me. I’ve learned new ways to control my mind. Although I’m not where I want to be just yet, I’m in a way better place than I was 6 months ago. Thank you!

Rebecca Burleson – Minot, ND

I love having some one who can teach me how to meditate. Every time I have gone it has been a little different technique. Which is great I have learned a lot. 
It’s great to go to the regular sessions and have time to talk about what you are feeling. 
It’s also great to go to the happier hour sessions it’s an in and out meditation on my break at work. 
I feel so relaxed and at peace after every session.

Jessica Shepard – Minot, ND